Showreel 2013-2014

Showreel Breakdown

Motion Graphics

00:25 Janina: Taming Her Dreaming (Motion graphic / VFX )
00:31 Additional animation, ‘How To Meet Girls From A Distance’. Produced by ‘Traces of Nuts’ © 2012
01:07 Graphic Design – Hierarchy of Information. The Learning Connexion © 2012
01:15 Intro to Graphic Design (Motion Graphics / VFX). The Learning Connexion © 2011

Stopmotion and Papercraft
00:03 Graphic Design Diploma – Working on a Grid. The Learning Connexion © 2013
00:09 – 00:38 Graphic Design Diploma – Hand Rendered and Digital. The Learning Connexion © 2013
01:00 ‘Smoke’ Personal Project. 2009

2D Animation
00:14 ‘Support’ short animation for ‘Like Mind short film Wellington competition’. 2011
00:20 “My Tribute to the King of Pop’. Personal Project. 2010
00:53 ‘Flip Jerusalem’. A series of Flipbooks about Life in Jerusalem city. A PalVision Production © 2011
01:02 The Video Library – Character Animation Cartoony style. The Learning Connexion © 2013

3D Animation
01:23 ‘Fatenah’ A 2D/3D animated short from Palestine. 2009
01:35 ‘Red feather’ A Graduation project (MA) at NCCA / Bournemouth University. 2007
01: 47 ‘Wanted’ Group project (MA) at NCCA / Bournemouth University. 2007

Software: After Effects . TVPaint Development . Dragonframe . Photoshop . Illustrator . Premiere . Softimage . Sketchup.

The Trial

Here’s the release of Supermodel’s first single ‘The Trial’ from album ‘Rimu & Roses’ produced by Reinhold Mack (Queen, ELO, Rolling Stones, David Bowie)

I did the visual effects for this music video, tracking eyes can be really tricky sometimes but always fun challenge.
Awesome and professional band, crew and cast.

Video Director/Editor Gretchen Peterson
DOP Jymi Best
1st AD Elliot Travers
VFX Ahmad Habash


Ahmad’s Wall 2013

I came back to Wellington from a trip in the Middle East, to find that my workmates at the Learning Connexion have instigated a daily creative venture, with me being the theme of it. It was so wonderful and I felt so honored and lucky to be working with such an incredibly creative and inspiring team.


Below are the individual sketches… Continue reading


Filming and editing Ghøstie in UPLAND ROAD was a great experience to get a closer look at the methods and beauty of street art. Wellington based street artist Ghøstie, painting a commissioned Wellington Electricity Substation in Upland Rd Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand. Music by Mr Winter.

5D Mark III / 24-105mm / 70-200mm / Premiere and After Effects

Video Memo 001

Video Memos are like  journals of saved footage I filmed around a place or in a certain day. I keep them as references, for color, motion and composition. 

Video Memo 01

Music: Sneeuwland by Oskar Schuster
5D Mark III / 24-105mm / Premiere

Video Memo 02

Music: “One” by Marcel Pequel
5D Mark III / 24-105mm / Premiere

Video Memo 03

Music: “Three” by Marcel Pequel
5D Mark III / 24-105mm / Premiere

Panoramas 02 – Te Wai Pounamu

Panoramas I photographed while traveling New Zealand’s South Island. The Maori name for the Island is ‘Te Wai Pounamu’ or ‘Te Wahi Pounamu’ which means ‘The place of greenstone’.

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