Gallipoli Projection Maps

Locales‘ brief from Te Papa and Richard Taylor was to create a projection map of two scenes from Gallipoli. They wanted realistic maps of the battlefields that showed animated sequences of what happened at Anzac Cove on April 25th 1915, and on Chunuk Bair in August 1915.

Follow this link to learn more about this project. I have worked with Local’s team on building the 3D computer models of both maps and creating the animation sequences for the projection. Working with Locales was a rewarding and great experience.


Cameraman and Animator for Commonsense Organics Ad

Featuring Loren Taylor (Eagle vs Shark) and a whole lot of great food, this promo was produced for the 2011 Dominion Post Business Awards. Written by Paul Ward. Directed by Mark Albiston (“Shopping”, “The Six Dollar Fifty Man”).

This was a great intro work experience to New Zealand for me. My first filming and animation job in New Zealand, I was staying at Mark’s and met Paul two days after I arrived, on the third day we were rolling, Jet-lagging while filming this fast-paced but fun production.


Negative Hatching

Last week, I received a black paper sketchbook as a gift. It was great fun to explore sketching in negative spaces and using thick hatching for the highlights. After this practice, I got a bit confused sketching and shading on white paper. A nice little mind challenge.


A Hearty Advice

This is simply an ancient but timeless proverb from celebrated Persian Sufi poet and spiritual thinker… just got a 3D animation treat. And a chance to experiment with 3D object’s shattering, dynamics simulation, shape morph and point level animation in Cinema 4D. Feel free to check some ‘Making of’ in the tutorials page.

More about Rumi and his poem (Masnavi)
Music: Podington Bear ‘Theme in G” from the album ‘Rhythm & Strings’

Software: Cinema 4D / two great free Plugins: Thrausi from Nitro 4D and  PLAmate from TCAStudios / Adobe After Effects



This is my humble homage to animation, nature and classical music, for being the playground of my imagination and shelter to my sanity.

It is an animation and visual effects self practice, shot on a sunny beautiful day at random corners of Mount Victoria.
The 3D modelling, animation, tracking, compositing and grading were created over the past two and a half months, between jobs and on those windy, rainy and bleak weekends.

You can find some details on the modelling process in this link


Paper Toys

These are some paper toys I created for an animation about working with hand made materials vs. Computer generated imagery, part of a Graphic Design Course. Produced by The Learning Connexion.

I used Sketchup to model the parts and a very useful plugin called Flattery to unfold the models and add the fold/glue areas. No texture/lines created in the computer, its all made with a black marker.



Mulukhiyah – ملوخية

This happened while self-learning 3D motion graphics and animation, using Maxon’s Cinema 4D software. its a combination of Splines, Cubes, MoGraph Cloner and Effectors (Formula, Random and Shader) and a little driven data expression with XPresso. Its true, some motion graphics results can be achieved with only two keyframes sometimes.

Somehow, at the end, this reminds me of Mulukhiyah, a famous Middle Eastern dish made from Corchorus leaves. Just Google it.


Awareness Promotional Animation

This is a short animation I created for the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department (NAD). Commemorating the International Court of Justice’s 10th Anniversary issuing its advisory opinion on the Wall in Occupied Palestinian territories.

The animation was created using Maxon Cinema 4D for the Wall shattering effect and Adobe After Effects for the Photos slideshow and final compositing and rendering.  Following are more snapshots of the 3D projects and video examples… Continue reading

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