Paper Toys

These are some paper toys I created for an animation about working with hand made materials vs. Computer generated imagery, part of a Graphic Design Course. Produced by The Learning Connexion.

I used Sketchup to model the parts and a very useful plugin called Flattery to unfold the models and add the fold/glue areas. No texture/lines created in the computer, its all made with a black marker.


Mulukhiyah – ملوخية

This happened while self-learning 3D motion graphics and animation, using Maxon’s Cinema 4D software. its a combination of Splines, Cubes, MoGraph Cloner and Effectors (Formula, Random and Shader) and a little driven data expression with XPresso. Its true, some motion graphics results can be achieved with only two keyframes sometimes.

Somehow, at the end, this reminds me of Mulukhiyah, a famous Middle Eastern dish made from Corchorus leaves. Just Google it.

Showreel 2014

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Sketchcup 02

The fun continues with sketching inside Paper cups. Its a relaxing yet challenging exercise and its guaranteed to titillate the imagination.

 you can check the first collection of sketch cups here

Hand Gestures and other Random sketches

Just sketching random things… randomly

Details and Views from top of Mt.Victoria

The Trial

Here’s the release of Supermodel’s first single ‘The Trial’ from album ‘Rimu & Roses’ produced by Reinhold Mack (Queen, ELO, Rolling Stones, David Bowie)

I did the visual effects for this music video, tracking eyes can be really tricky sometimes but always fun challenge.
Awesome and professional band, crew and cast.

Video Director/Editor Gretchen Peterson
DOP Jymi Best
1st AD Elliot Travers
VFX Ahmad Habash


Spaceships Doodles

Some Spaceships doodles I did while traveling. A bit of perspective drawing exercises , yet undirected and relaxing process.

Ahmad’s Wall 2013

I came back to Wellington from a trip in the Middle East, to find that my workmates at the Learning Connexion have instigated a daily creative venture, with me being the theme of it. It was so wonderful and I felt so honored and lucky to be working with such an incredibly creative and inspiring team.


Below are the individual sketches… Continue reading

From coffee spills to Sci-Fi concepts

Random coffee spills and stains can contain inspiring shapes. Drawing a mechanical figure over the organic silhouette is always fun to explore. 

Characters, June/2013

Drawings, June/2013

When lonely… (a very short watercolor thought)

When lonely, it feels like…

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Filming and editing Ghøstie in UPLAND ROAD was a great experience to get a closer look at the methods and beauty of street art. Wellington based street artist Ghøstie, painting a commissioned Wellington Electricity Substation in Upland Rd Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand. Music by Mr Winter.

5D Mark III / 24-105mm / 70-200mm / Premiere and After Effects

Small World at Kaikoura Peninsula

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